Comparing the Benefits of Different Asian Massage Session Durations

Asian massages have been practiced for centuries and are seen as both a therapy and an art. These ancient techniques can promote relaxation, alleviate stress, and enhance well-being. At Garden Retreat Spa, we use a modern blend of Shiatsu pressure point targeting and Swedish massage techniques. We offer a quick 30-minute session, a 60-minute session, and a 60-minute couples session, which all come with their own unique benefits.

The Benefits of Asian Massage

Asian massage refers to ancient Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai relaxation techniques. These techniques can help alleviate chronic pain and improve circulation. They are known to promote well-being and relaxation. At Garden Retreat Spa, we use natural and organic oils during our sessions to nourish your skin. One of the most common techniques we use is Shiatsu, which involves manipulating the body’s pressure points and energy meridians to alleviate tension. We combine the precise kneading techniques of Shiatsu with the soothing and gentle pressure found in Swedish massage. Together, these two methods can help reduce painful or sore areas and rejuvenate your body.

Comparing Different Session Durations

Our masseuses are trained and practiced in both Asian and Swedish massage techniques. We can personalize your session to meet your massage preferences. Here is more information about the benefits of our various massage session durations at Garden Retreat Spa:

30-Minute Session

You don’t need to make a significant time commitment to get a high-quality massage. Our 30-minute session is a great option for busy individuals needing a quick break. A 30-minute session can alleviate stress and tension by targeting specific areas of discomfort, providing immediate relief to localized muscle tension.

60-Minute Session

Our 60-minute sessions offer an extended massage experience. This duration can offer a more comprehensive relaxation experience by allowing enough time for the masseuse to address all major muscle groups. It can also give your body time to unwind fully, which can help reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. After your massage, you can receive a 10-minute shower table body scrub. The skincare products that we use are natural, organic, and good for the skin.

60-Minute Couples Session

Our 60-minute couples massages are relaxing and intimate. They are a good option for couples searching for a relaxing date night. You can request a different type of massage from your partner and ask your masseuse to work on specific muscle groups during the session. This allows you to get a personalized massage while sharing the experience with your partner. Our couples massage rooms are private and serene. They feature only two beds, so you and your partner are the only ones sharing the experience. 

Schedule a Massage at Garden Retreat Spa

Choosing the right duration for your Asian massage session depends on your time availability and individual goals. Our 30-minute session can make the most of your workday lunch break, and our 60-minute sessions can give you even more time to relax and receive the benefits of our massages. At Garden Retreat Spa, we want to help you feel rested and balanced. We will work with you to create a highly personalized experience, from the type of massage you want to the session duration. Walk-ins are welcome, so stop by our Manhattan location today for an Asian massage.