4 Reasons to Book a Couples Asian Massage

Couples massages can help deepen your bond and allow you to relax together. Massages make a good gift for special occasions, or they can be a spontaneous way to relax during a busy workweek. At Garden Retreat Spa, we offer a blend of Swedish and Asian massage to boost wellness and relaxation. There are various reasons to book a couples Asian massage, including:

#1 Reconnect and Deepen Your Bond

Whether celebrating an anniversary or going out for a weekday, a couples massage can allow you to reconnect and deepen your bond. Our couple’s suites are private and luxurious so that you can spend quality time together. You can choose the same type of massage, such as a deep tissue massage, or you can receive different massages with different intensities. This allows you to get a massage that meets your personal preferences while still sharing the experience. 

#2 Heal and Restore the Body

We use a blend of techniques that have been used to restore and heal the body for thousands of years. We use Shiatsu, a Japanese massage, to apply pressure to pressure points along the meridian lines. This can promote relaxation and stimulate energy flow. We combine this technique with a Swedish massage’s long, soothing strokes. This massage can allow you and your partner’s body to heal and experience the benefits of deep relaxation. 

#3 Relieve Stress

The stress from work and raising children can take a toll on relationships. A couple’s Asian massage can provide both physical and mental stress relief. Our massage therapists can identify muscles that have become tense from stress, such as your shoulders, neck, and back. We can use Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean massage and relaxation techniques to ease this tension and promote mental relaxation. This can help relieve stress in your body and mind so you can fully enjoy your time with your partner.

#4 Set the Mood

Our spa rooms offer a romantic atmosphere to help set the mood for your date night. Our spa features soft lighting, beautiful pictures of nature, and soothing music and sounds. We keep all of our equipment, linens, and rooms clean and offer each of our guest’s plush towels and robes. Our lockers and treatment rooms are also completely private, so you can enjoy your time with your partner without other guests interrupting you. We aim to create an atmosphere that amplifies your experience and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the experience.

Book a Couples Asian Massage for Your Next Date Night

Garden Retreat Spa offers Asian massage that draws upon ancient techniques and practices used for thousands of years. You and your partner can choose a light and soothing massage or a strong deep tissue massage. Our talented masseuses can help you select a massage that meets your preferences. A rejuvenating couples massage can allow you to reconnect and deepen your bond by enabling you to relax and relieve stress together. Make an appointment for a one-hour couples massage with a full body scrub today.