What Should I Expect From an Asian Massage?

Asian massages focus on providing a holistic approach to relaxation and stress relief. Different types of massages include Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, and more. Garden Retreat Spa provides a premier massage experience tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Here is more information about what you can expect from an Asian massage: 

Gentle Stretching

A professional masseuse will use various techniques to knead and stretch your muscles. Tight knots commonly appear in the muscles around your neck, shoulders, and back. By slowly putting pressure on these knots, a masseuse will help them to release and stretch. When your muscles are able to relax and fully stretch out, you can decrease pain and reduce your chances of injury.

The professionals at Garden Retreat Spa are familiar with various gentle stretching techniques. Shiatsu massages are used to target specific pressure points to release muscle tension. If you have a particular area that is full of tension or knots, we can concentrate our massage on that area to help you get the most relief.

Stress Relief

Your massage appointment is an opportunity to clear your mind and relax fully. A professional massage specialist will provide a clean and calm environment for your massage to take place. This allows you to set aside your other responsibilities and enjoy the experience. You will not have to worry about maintaining a conversation or finishing other daily tasks. The rhythmic movements of the massage help to ease stress and calm your mind.

A Swedish massage is a type of massage therapy that uses gentle, even movements. A masseuse will apply light-to-medium pressure and use circular movements or gentle tapping to increase relaxation. Our team is experienced in this type of massage and will incorporate it into your Asian massage session to enhance stress relief.

Peaceful Environment

One of the key elements of a proper Asian massage is a relaxing environment. Our private massage rooms incorporate soothing music, calming visuals, and soft lighting to enhance relaxation. We want each of our clients to feel at ease in our massage space, and these elements work together to make clients feel like they are away from the busy city life. We provide a clean, quiet atmosphere with luxurious towels and robes to enhance your comfort. 

Tailored Experience

During an Asian massage, the masseuse will tailor the experience to meet your preferences. We apply gentle massage techniques for rejuvenation or incorporate more high-pressure movements to treat tightness and muscle tension. Talk to your massage therapist before getting started to let them know about any areas you want to focus on or any previous injuries you want to avoid. Garden Retreat Spa offers one-hour or half-hour sessions, depending on how much free time you have. Our half-hour sessions make it easy for clients to get a quick massage before, during, or after their busy workday.

Check out Our Asian Massage Services

The team at Garden Retreat Spa offers a wide range of massage services to suit individual needs and preferences. Our massage packages are tailored to help our clients release tension and promote overall health and wellness. Walk-ins are welcome at our New York location, so visit us today to enjoy the benefits of our Asian massage services.